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Collarbone Pain – Injury Symptoms

December 4, 2011


Collarbone pain and the injury. Lets establish the symptoms.

Symptoms of the collarbone (clavicle) fracture.

You feel a collarbone pain in the area of the fracture, shoulder pain when moving your hand and overall movement restriction in the shoulder joint. Considerable swelling together with redness are the usual symptoms.

During the initial exam the shortening of the shoulder girdle is detected. Very often the displacement of the collarbone fractures is obvious during the initial visual exam. Kids can fracture the collarbone without the shoulder girdle damage. This scenario complicates the fracture diagnosis but the secondary symptoms such as swelling, sharp pain and bruises with the crippled hand movement function help identify it. The collarbone fractures might tear the skin, blood vessels and pleura, but those instances are rather uncommon.

Collarbone joint dislocation symptoms.

collarbone painMain symptoms are:

  1. Sharp pain in the shoulder joint.
  2. Considerable limitation and restriction of the joint movement.
  3. Considerable strength reduction in the injured area.
  4. “Piano key” symptom.
  5. Redness and swelling in the damage area.

“Piano key” symptom. This symptom is manifesting itself when the patient is standing up and the doctor presses on the shoulder end of the collarbone simultaneously raising the elbow up to slightly raise the shoulder. The collarbone realigns itself to the normal position and goes back to the injured position as soon as the pressure is being released. Bruises start to appear in one or two days after the initial injury – around the joint area and the ectopectoralis (chest) muscle. The final diagnosis is being commenced after the x-ray shot that is being carried out in the upright position with the patients hands being lowered and relaxed.

Sometimes the swelling is so huge that you cannot really tell whether it is just a dislocation or a fracture. In this case the x-ray is needed to thoroughly establish the diagnosis.

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